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Our core capabilities.


Graphite Anode Powder

Backed by decades of experience, AST Technology have gained profound expertise in graphitization from raw material selection to high-quality mass production.


Infrastructure and BOT

AST Technology develops the world class infrastructure ensures consistent value for end users, from Built to Operate and from Operate to Transfer, we do it all in-house.



AST Technology can assist in the design and development of processes that reduce the need for carbon in steel making processes, by using hydrogen for reduction of ores which produces water vapor instead of greenhouse gases.


Electric Vehicle Charger

AST Technology Delivers globally recognised turnkey electric car charging infrastructure to help you transition to a low cost, zero emissions transportation system.


Graphite Electrodes

AST Technology has an excellent expertise in design, selecting, measuring the performance of your Graphite Electrodes.


Industry 4.0

With Industry 4.0 technologies, AST Technology gives you access to the real-time data and helps you manage and optimize your manufacturing processes and supply chain.


Needle Coke

Needle coke, also called acicular coke, is a highly crystalline petroleum coke used in the production of graphite electrodes.


Cement Industry

AST Technology provides comprehensive & integrated solutions for all phases of a cement project as well as, procure, engineer and manage the entire project from design through commissioning.


Waste Management

AST Technology provides guidance for waste management through waste management principles and hierarchies.

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