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Infrastructure and BOT


AST Technology develops the world class infrastructure ensures consistent value for end users, from Built to Operate and from Operate to Transfer, we do it all in-house.

A build-operate-transfer (BOT) contract is a model used to finance large projects, typically infrastructure projects developed through public-private partnerships. BOT projects are normally large-scale, greenfield infrastructure projects that would otherwise be financed, built and operated solely by the government. After a set time frame, typically two or three decades, control over the project is returned to the public entity.

Such projects are complex by virtue of the number of parties involved and the corresponding number of contracts, which must all interlock. Furthermore, each party is dependent upon the performance of not only its counterpart, but also the performance of all parties to the project.

Project risk sharing is necessary because the sponsor, a joint venture of one sort or another, will have a limited worth being substantially less than the aggregate net worth of the equity parties.

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