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Fast or Low Speed Measurements. What is the best choice for Industrial Processes?


Today, there is a race to faster measurements leading to bigger storage space necessity (costly and with hidden environmental impact). Indeed, fast measurement is not always a necessity, and, in most cases, traditional contextual data is perfectly adequate.

We need first to define Fast and Low speed measurements, because it highly depends on each process dynamic. One second can be very slow if you are talking about Electrical frequency regulation (variators) or quite fast for temperature measurement in a storage tank.

In the industry, both types of measurement are cohabiting, not by needs, just because of different ages of sensors. Consequently, each process engineer should review the exact needs of speed regarding his process needs and not ride up the history.

In this paper cases will be reviewed, where high speed measurements are useful (when trying to find triggers of phenomena) and where low speed measurements are sufficient (when tracking contextual data to improve).

Keywords: BDA; Big Data Analytics; Process Optimization Measurement, Sensors, High speed, Low speed, Process, Contextual Data

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