About Us


AST Technology is a Swiss and Austrian based company combining the expertise of 60 PhDs, Engineers and specialists. 


Each of our renowned senior expert has on average 30 years of expertise in his specific area such as:

  • Electrical Expertise (Primary and secondary electrical circuit),

  • Arc Physic Expertise ("Open Arc” and “Submerged Arc”),

  • Process Expertise ("Melting” and “Smelting” "Metallurgical and Refining” and “Slag optimization”), 

  • Engineering Expertise (“Mechanical” and “Hydraulic”), 

  • Metallurgical Waste Management Expertise and Emission Control Expertise.

  • Etc ....


Our consultants are highly qualified in the fields of industrial engineering and business economics. Together with you, they work out customized solutions to the complex problems at hand.  

Our systematic and holistic approach to the challenges facing your company results in procedures and processes that are both economically optimal and ecologically sustainable.  

Our experts rely on an extensive database of industrial applications as well as current scientific knowledge to achieve your engineering and process development goals. 

Our success is built on the use of in-house tools and the ongoing qualification of our employees.